Réf. 633395


Zu sehen in ALCUDIA (SPAIN)

Lager 45 Blue water, Cruiser/Racer, built in Canada in 1996 and still in the original ownership. This is a unique custom designed and built racer-cruiser designed to the current owner’s multi-purpose requirements for a fast, seaworthy, comfortable, all-ocean capable vessel with world class finish and style. The owner planned a future sailing program to include a circumnavigation as well as additional grand prix racing and extensive ocean cruising. This ambitious program meant the yacht conceived had to be incredibly strong, yet built as light as modern composite materials safely allowed; have a hull form that was intrinsically seaworthy and competitively fast, yet able to support a luxury interior; and have all the required safety and operational equipment and gear for ocean sailing. Extensive research and efforts along with close collaboration between the sales project team, naval architect, marine engineer and builder resulted in this very special hybrid performance racer-cruiser. The yacht has participated in the Expo ‘98 Round the World Rally, and has since been involved in much racing and extensive cruising on both sides of the Atlantic. Engine rebuilt in 2015 and boat antifouled in March 2016. For further details and inspection arrangements please contact Ancasta Palma. - More info
  • LüA : 13,93 m
  • Breite : 4,15 m
  • Tiefgang : 2,62 m
  • Rigg : Sloop
  • Kiel : Kielboot
  • Material : Kunststoff
  • Rumpf : Einrumpfboot
  • Gebiet / Provinz : ALCUDIA
  • Land : SPAIN

Equipment on the boat


  • Anzahl Motor(en) : 1
  • Marke : YANMAR
  • Motortyp : Innenbord
  • Antriebssystem : Propellerwelle
  • Treibstoff : Diesel
  • Leistung : 55





Pflege / Verschiedenes


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165.000 € Inkl. MwSt. Kontakt


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